Mirjam Blum

Name:              Mirjam Blum (ESSReS PhD student)
Institute:           University of Bremen
Department:     Institute of Environmental Physics/
                         Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere/Phytooptics
Phone:            +49-(0)421-218-62081
Email:              blum@iup.physik.uni-bremen.de
Web link:         http://www.awi.de/en/go/phytooptics

PhD-project title: Improving radiative transfer modeling from UV-VIS satellite spectra by accounting for ocean optical signals

The aim is the extension of radiative transfer modelling by including optical signals from the ocean to improve the retrieval of atmospheric trace gases from UV-VIS satellite data.
The project is concerned with the determination of radiation backscattered from the ocean in dependence to the composition of water constituents. With this characterisation and the inclusion of this information retrieved from SCIAMACHY data a major contribution will be made to improve the accuracy of the retrieval of atmospheric trace gases from UV-VIS satellite data over the oceans.
Especially the retrievals of the trace gases nitrogen dioxide and glyoxal, both indicators of air pollution, and of bromoxide, as a free radical also involved in the depletion of ozone, will significantly improve.
Start of doctoral thesis: 16.08.2008

Thesis Committee:

Supervisor: Dr. Astrid Bracher (AWI/IUP)
Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. John P. Burrows (IUP)
Further Members: Dr. Heinrich Bovensmann (IUP)
                           Prof. Dr. Oliver Zielinski (IMARE, Hochschule Bremerhaven)