Name:              Dimitar Misev
Institute:          Jacobs University Bremen
Department:     School of Engineering and Science
Phone:             +49 (0) 157 5775 0256
Web link:

PhD-project title: Integrating Array and Table Worlds


Support for large arrays is increasingly gaining attention by the database community.
Array databases are a quickly expanding category of database management systems that treat large, multidimensional arrays as first-class database citizens, allowing convenient and efficient storage and retrieval of such data. Despite the fact that raster data is almost always linked to additional, non-array information, array databases have mostly developed separately from relational systems, resulting in a disparity between the two database categories.
This research effort aims to fill this gap with a generic model, ASQL, for modelling and querying multi-dimensional arrays in ISO SQL. The model integrates concepts from the three major array models seen today: rasdaman, SciQL, and SciDB. It is declarative, optimizable, minimal, yet powerful enough for application domains in science, engineering, and beyond. In practice this specification was implemented as a single multi-faceted system that mediates across array and relational database systems, providing transparent, efficient and scalable access to the heterogeneous data in them.
Start of doctoral thesis: 1st September 2011

Thesis Committee:

Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Peter Baumann

Co-Supervisor : Dr. Heinrich Stamerjohanns

Further members : Prof. Dr. Tore Ritsch


Peter Baumann and Dimitar Misev. Science SQL. In Conference on Big Data from Space, BiDS '14, Frascati, Italy, November 12-14, 2014.
Dimitar Misev and Peter Baumann. Extending the SQL Array Concept to Support Scientific Analytics. In Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management, SSDBM '14, Aalborg, Denmark, June 30 - July 02, 2014. ACM, 2014.

Helmholtz Research School on Earth System Science, Annual Retreat 2012, Bremerhaven, “Deutsches Auswandererhaus“, Poster Presentation: Misev, D et al., “Integrating array and table worlds“ 30 November, 2012.

Programming tools / data analysis tools used / computational skills:

C/C++, Java, Bash/Perl/Python, NetBeans IDE