Marcus Huntemann, PhD

Name:          Marcus Huntemann
Institute:       IUP – Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen
Department: PHAROS: PHysical Analysis of RemOte Sensing images
Phone:         +49 (0)421 218 62182


PhD project title: Thickness retrieval and emissivity modeling of thin sea ice at L-band for SMOS satellite observations

The trend of Arctic sea ice extent is decreasing. After the historical sea ice minimum of 2007, a new sea ice minimum is reached early September 2011. The lower the sea ice extent is in summer, the larger is the area refreezing during winter, where the sea ice is therefore thinner. Thinner sea ice is more often broken into sheets while the open water between these sheets absorbs more radiation and so promote the ice melt. Therefore, the knowledge of the sea ice thickness is important for understanding and modeling the arctic sea ice cover. The satellite SMOS was launched in 2009 and observes at 1.4 GHz. This is the lowest microwave frequency used on satellite sensors today. It has a high penetration depths and is therefore suitable to retrieve the thickness of sea ice. It is to be investigated how the intensity, polarization and angular information of the sensor can be used to retrieve the sea ice thickness.

Start of doctoral thesis: 01st September, 2011

Defence of doctoral theses: 18th November, 2015 (view thesis)

PhD committee members:

Supervisor: Justus Notholt
Further members: Rüdiger Gerdes, Lars Kaleschke, Georg Heygster, Christian Melsheimer


M. Huntemann, G. Heygster, L. Kaleschke, T. Krumpen, M. Mäkynen, and M. Drusch, “Empirical sea ice thickness retrieval during the freeze-up period from SMOS high incident angle observations,” Cryosph., vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 439–451, Mar. 2014.

Conference Presentations & Posters:

  • M. Huntemann, G. Heygster, M. Gerken, "Coherence effects from snow
    cover on the emission of sea ice at low microwave frequencies —
    combining models and observations", Microrad2016, Espoo, Finnland
  • M. Huntemann, C. Patilea, and G. Heygster, “Thickness of thin sea ice
    retrieved from SMOS and SMAP,” IGARSS 2016, Beijing, China
  • M. Huntemann and G. Heygster, "Retrieval and Validation of Sea ice
    Thickness from SMOS-Data", SMOS & Aquarius Science Workshop 2013,
    Brest, France
  • M. Huntemann and G. Heygster, "Microwave Remote Sensing of Sea Ice
    Thickness - Retrieval and Validation", DPG Frühjahrstagung 2013, Jena,
  • M. Huntemann et al., “Sea ice thickness – A Microwave remote sensing approach“ Helmholtz Research School on Earth System Science, Annual Retreat 2012, Bremerhaven, “Deutsches Auswandererhaus“, 30 November, 2012

Research stays:

One month research stay in June 2014 at Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) in Copenhagen, Denmark