Name:              Matthias Buschmann
Institute:          Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen
Department:    Remote Sensing
Phone:             +49 (0) 421- 218-62189
Web link:

PhD-project title: Ground-based remote sensing observations of atmospheric trace gases in the near-infrared spectral region using the moon as light source during the polar night

A lot of effort is put into research on the impact of (anthropogenic) greenhouse gas emissions on climate change. Until today there is little information available on the seasonal cycle of greenhouse gases in the high arctic, which is especially unfortunate because the seasonal cycle is most pronounced in that region. It therefore is  of great importance to retrieve these (total column) cycles for CO2 (and CH4) at the research station in Ny Ålesund (Spitsbergen, Norway) and to compare the obtained results with in-situ measurements and appropriate models. To do this, we already employ ground based Fourier-Transform InfraRed (FTIR) Spectroscopy in the near-infrared spectral region with the sun as light source. Unfortunately the sun is below the horizon during the polar night (from October to March) and measurements cannot be done in the usual fashion. Therefore, during this PhD-project, the experimental setup will be adapted in such a way, that the moon can be used as a light source and retrieval of spectral information will be possible during the polar night.

Start of doctoral thesis: 1st October 2011

Thesis Committee:

Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Justus Notholt, IUP

Further members : Dr. Michael Buchwitz, IUP; Dr. Markus Rex, AWI

Committee Meetings: 11.07.12, 06.02.13


M.Buschmann, S.Dohe, E.Mahieu, N.Deutscher, T.Warneke, J.Notholt;
"Advances in CO2 total column retrieval by mid-IR Fourier-Transform
Spectroscopy"; 2012-03-29; DPG Frühjahrstagung 2012, Berlin (D)

M.Buschmann, N.Deutscher, M.Palm, T.Warneke, T.Weinzierl, J.Notholt;
'First results from NIR lunar total column xCO2 FTIR spectroscopy';
2013-02-27; DPG Frühjahrstagung 2013, Jena (D)

Poster Presentations:

M.Buschmann, S.Dohe, E.Mahieu, N.Deutscher, T.Warneke, J.Notholt; "CO2
total column retrieval by mid-IR FT Spectroscopy"; 2012-04-24; EGU 2012
Vienna (A)

M.Buschmann, S.Dohe, E.Mahieu, N.Deutscher, T.Warneke, J.Notholt;
"Mid-IR retrieval of xCO2 from NDACC/TCCON station Ny Ålesund"; 2012-06;
NDACC IRWG / TCCON meeting 2012, Wengen (CH)

M.Buschmann, N.Deutscher, S.Dohe, V.Sherlock, D.Griffith, and J.Notholt;
'Comparison of middle and near infrared total column xCO2 retrieval';
2013-02-26; DPG Frühjahrstagung 2013, Jena (D)

M.Buschmann, N.Deutscher, M. Palm, T. Warneke, C.Weinzierl, J.Notholt
'Extending Arctic CO2 column measurements to cover the complete seasonal
cycle using lunar FTIR spectroscopy during Polar Night'; 2013-06-04; 9th
International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Beijing (CN)

M.Buschmann, N.Deutscher, V.Sherlock, S.Dohe, J.Robinson, D.Smale,
M.Schneider, F.Hase, N.Jones, D.Griffith, J.Notholt; 'Comparison of MIR
and NIR xCO2 Retrievals for Validation of Greenhouse Gas Satellite
Measurements'; ESA Living Planet Symposium 2013, Edinburgh (UK)


Research visit Ny Ålesund, March 2012
Research visit Ny Ålesund, October 2012
Research visit Ny Ålesund, March/April 2013
Research visit Ny Ålesund, September 2013