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Katrin Wolff

Name:              Katrin Wolff (ESSReS PhD student)
Institute:           Alfred Wegener Institute
Department:    Glaciology
Email:               katrin.wolff(at)
Web link:


PhD-project title: Establishment of ice core records of aerosol deposition with seasonal-to-interannual resolution and quantification of transport changes using dust size spectra


Ice cores contain a wealth of paleoclimatic information including records of windblown aerosols. Of any aerosols mineral dust has the special quality that its concentration and also the size distribution of its insoluble fraction is preserved.

East Asian deserts are the dominant source area for dust transported to Greenland. Dust concentrations are lowest during warm periods while cold phases correspond to high particle concentrations. The variability of dust concentrations in ice cores is due to changes both in the dust sources and during transport. By combining dust concentration and size measurements effects from source and transport can be disentangled.

I will study dust deposition in seasonal-to-interannual resolution using dust concentration and size measurements in selected time slices in the NorthGRIP ice core, covering the period approximately from 50 000 yr BP until 2 000 yr BP.

The goal is to reconstruct transport trajectories of mineral dust from its Chinese desert source region to Greenland for different climatic periods and to analyse changes in the transport strength using particle size distributions. Additionally transport changes from the sources in the East Asian deserts will be quantified using output data from existing models.


Start of doctoral thesis: 01.10.2008


Thesis Committee:

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Miller (AWI/ University of Bremen)

Co-supervisor: Dr. Anna Wegner (AWI)

                     Prof. Hubertus Fischer (University of Bern)

Further member: Prof. Michael Schulz (University of Bremen)

                         Dr. Jan-Berend Stuut (Marum Bremen)



Katrin Wolff, H. Miller, H. Fischer, U. Ruth, M. Schulz, J.-B. Stuut, A. Wegner and F. Valero-Delgado, Dust in Ice Cores High resolution dust concentration and size distribution in the NGRIP ice core, ESF-FWF Conference in Partnership with LFUI MECHANISMS OF QUATERNARY CLIMATE CHANGE: STABILITY OF WARM PHASES IN THE PAST AND IN THE FUTURE, Obergurgl, Austria, 06 - 11 June 2009. (Poster)

Katrin Wolff, A. Wegner, H. Fischer and U. Ruth, High resolution dust measurements on the NGRIP ice core, MARUM - Workshop in Bremen - Farge,15.-16. März 2010. (Poster)

Katrin Wolff, A. Wegner, H. Fischer and U. Ruth, High resolution dust measurements on the NGRIP ice core Holocene vs. Glacial Period, EPICA-MEETING, Rom, 14.04-15.04.10 (Poster)



Field season 2009 NEEM (08.07. – 01.08.09): Continuous Flow Analysis


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