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Florian Wobbe

Name:              Florian Wobbe (ESSReS PhD student)
Institute:          Alfred Wegener Institute
Department:     Geophysics
Phone:            +49-(0)471-4831-2004
Email:              Florian.Wobbe(at)
Web link:

PhD-project title: Paleogeography and paleotopography: dynamic constraints for paleoclimatic simulation at long timescales


The paleobathymetric reconstruction of the Southern Ocean is one of the key elements in circumantarctic paleoclimate modelling in terms of boundary conditions. Still, the plate-kinematic rotations of plates and plate segments of the Southern Ocean are far from being solved. The main task of this project is to fill the gaps by refining existing oceanic paleo-age and plate-kinematic grids and complete the integration of paleogeographic grids of the Southern Pacific region with that of the Australian-Antarctic Basin and the Tasman Sea.

In a second step, the paleobathymetry of the sea floor will be modelled using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Special attention will be paid to the opening of oceanic gateways (e.g. Drake Passage, Tasmanian Gateway), as they provide deep-water pathways and thus have a major impact on the global oceanic circulation.

In the final stage, the new boundary conditions will be incorporated in the simulation of regional and global paleooceanographic and paleoclimatic scenarios (e.g. development of deep-sea currents, onset of Antarctic glaciation etc).


Start of doctoral thesis: 01.09.2008


Thesis Committee:

Supervisor: Dr. Karsten Gohl (AWI)

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Vikram Unnithan (Jacobs University)

Further members: Dr. Klaus Grosfeld (AWI)

                           Dr. Carmen Gaina (NGU, Trondheim)



Florian Wobbe and K. Gohl: Plate-tectonic history of the Southern Ocean – continental deformation of Antarctica. First Antarctic Climate Evolution (ACE) Symposium, September 2009, Granada, Spain.

Florian Wobbe and K. Gohl: Continental deformation of the passive Antarctic margins. 2nd Workshop on Antarctic Palaeotopography, September 2009, Granada, Spain

Florian Wobbe and K. Gohl: Circum-Antartic plate tectonic history. 1st Workshop on Antarctic Palaeotopography, April 2009, Leeds University, United Kingdom



Teaching assistant at JUB: Earth System Science Data Analysis Techniques; focus on Geographic Information Systems (computer course supplement to the lecture of Prof. Dr. Vikram Unnithan), Nov/Dec 2009



Polarstern Cruise ANT XXVI/3 – West Antarctic ice sheet dynamics: Wellington (New Zealand) – Punta Arenas (Chile), 30 January 2010 – 5 April 2010


Research stay abroad:

DAAD stipend for research stay at the Institue for Geological and Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand and at the School of Geosciences in Sydney, Australia.

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