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Alireza Sadeghi

Name:              Alireza Sadeghi (ESSReS PhD student)
Institute:          Physics and Electrical Engineering/Uni Bremen
Department:     Environmenal Physics (IUP)
Phone:            +49-(0)421-218 62081
Email:              sadeghi(at)
Web link:

PhD-project title: Satellite retrieval of phytoplankton biomass


Global retrieval of phytoplankton biomass by combining information from high-spectrally and high spatially resolved satellite data in order to  determine phytoplankton biomass from satellite data with higher accuracy.

The goal mentioned above will be achieved by these steps:

- DOAS-retrieval of phytoplankton functional-types using SCIAMACHY data and build-up of one year data set of the distribution of various phytoplankton functional types.

- Validation of the distribution of various phytoplankton functional types retrieval from SCIAMACHY.

- Retrieval of an improved chl-a product from MERIS using the info on varying phytoplankton absorption and phytoplankton groups and on diffuse attenuation derived from SCIAMACHY data to determine more accurate chl-a from MERIS.

- Validation of new chl-a retrieval from MERIS and global processing of chl-a from MERIS



Start of doctoral thesis: 15.06.2008

Thesis Committee:

Supervisor: Dr. Astrid Bracher (AWI/Bremen University, IUP)

Co-Supervisor: Prof. John P. Burrows (Bremen University, IUP)

Further members: Dr. Heinrich Bovensmann (Bremen University, IUP)

                           Dr. Marco Vountas (Bremen University, IUP)

                           Dr. Christoph Völker (AWI)


Alireza Sadeghi, T. Dintera , M. Vountasa , B. Taylorb , I. Peekenb , A. Brachera: "Improvements to the PhytoDOAS method for identification of major phytoplankton groups using hyper-spectral satellite data", COSPAR-Meeting, Bremen, July 2010.

A. Bracher, A. Sadeghi, T. Dinter, B. Taylor, R. Röttgers, I. Peeken, M.Vountas, Y. Ye: Phytoplankton groups from space using PhytoDOAS: Improvements by multi-target fitting, yearly data set, preliminary validation and first application, Ocean Optics Conference, Alaska, September 2010.

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