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PhD Students phase I

ESSReS provides 23 places for PhD students from AWI, University of Bremen and Jacobs University. 12 places are filled by students who receive a stipend from ESSReS (Internal PhDs) and who work on a specific project related to the ESSReS research field.  Another 11 students are admitted to the educational program but work in external projects related to ESSReS (Esternal PhDs) at one of the associated research institutes.





Internal PhD Students

Name Institute Phone Email (at <--> @)
Bora, Sagar Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 1880 sagar.bora(at)
Borrione, Ines Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 1935 ines.borrione(at)
Hilboll, Andreas Uni-HB/IUP +49-(0)421-218 62133 hilboll(at)
Ihrig, Christian Jacobs University +49-(0)421-200 3257 c.ihrig(at)
Kersten, Franziska Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 1570 franziska.kersten(at)
Krause-Nehring, Jacqueline Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 2030 jacqueline.krause-nehring(at)
Owonibi, Michael Jacobs University +49-(0)421-200 3050 m.owonibi(at)
Ridder, Theo Uni-HB/IUP +49-(0)421-218 62177 tridder(at)
Schwegmann, Sandra Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 2916 sandra.schwegmann(at)
Wiebe, Heidrun Uni-HB/IUP +49-(0)421-218 62184 hwiebe(at)
Wobbe, Florian Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 2004 florian.wobbe(at)
Xu, Xu Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 1051 xu.xu(at)


External PhD Students

Name Institute Phone Email (at <--> @)
Blum, Mirjam Uni-HB/IUP +49-(0)421-218 62081 blum(at)
Hoffmann, Christoph Uni-HB/IUP +49-(0)421-218 62173 christoph.hoffmann(at)
Juba, Salahaldin Jacobs University +49-(0)421-200 3050 s.juba(at)
Pfeiffer, Madlene Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 1051 madlene.pfeiffer(at)
Sadhegi, Alireza Uni-HB/IUP +49-(0)421-218 62081 sadeghi(at)
Stark, Axinja Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 1331 axinja.stark(at)
Tong, Ruiju Jacobs University +49-(0)421-200 3209 r.tong(at)
Wieters, Nadine Uni-HB/IUP +49-(0)421-218 62174 nwieters(at)
Wei, Wei Alfred Wegener Institute +49-(0)471-4831 1051 wei.wei(at)
Wolff, Katrin Alfred Wegener Institute   katrin.wolff(at)
Yu, Jinsongdi Jacobs University +49-(0)421-200 3050 j.yu(at)

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